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Community Health Improvement Week – Video Spotlight

Our Staff Highlights the Incredible Work of Our Grantees

This Community Health Improvement Week, we celebrated the work of our grantees across all aspects of community health, including food access, education, healthcare, and more.

Throughout the week, our staff members highlighted the incredible work of our grantees, work that is improving community health across New York State.

Our Senior Program Officer Marc R. Damsky shared his insight about the health outcomes enable by Molloy University‘s Mobile Health services.

Molloy University

Our Program Officer Sapna Shah, Esq., highlighted the holistic mental health services given to the community of East Harlem by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Shah attended their recent conference and shares the importance of these services and resources that provide opportunities to eradicate the stigmas of mental health in the Black community.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Our Program Officer Jason Chang spoke about the importance of hospital networks, such as Lantern Community Services and Montefiore Health System, and how they approach their clinical care efforts directly to communities who need to be seen and cared for.

Lantern Community Services and Montefiore Health System