The Issues Facing New Yorkers.

Oral Healthcare

Good oral health is the gateway to good overall health. Growing research shows that poor oral health, especially gum disease, leads to chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. These diseases can in turn reduce the body’s resistance to infection. Yet lack of access to dental care persists within disadvantaged and underserved populations across New York.

Prioritizing the Needs of Vulnerable New Yorkers During the Pandemic

Across the state, the pandemic has revealed how inequitably our communities are prepared to cope with an emergency of this magnitude. The Department of Health in New York City released data reflecting an alarming nationwide trend: vulnerable groups such as low-income individuals, senior citizens, and people of color are suffering from COVID-19 at disproportionate rates.

Embedding Social Workers to Work Alongside the Police

In July, the Buffalo News reported on an innovative new program enabled by a grant from our Foundation to Endeavor Health Services. The Buffalo Police Department began embedding a handful of licensed clinical social workers to work alongside police officers and respond to mental health and substance abuse calls. Click on “Read More” to see a December update from Endeavor.