Grant Categories

Basic Needs

In order to promote health equity, MCHF recognizes that it is essential to address the basic needs of New Yorkers. Many individuals and families face significant challenges that impact their ability to achieve good health including food insecurity, inadequate housing, economic instability, and lack of access to vital social services. Our Basic Needs program aims to support the following essentials so New Yorkers can build healthy lives:

Food and Nutrition: Improving access to healthy and culturally appropriate food and nutritional guidance for vulnerable New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity or diet-related chronic disease and building long-term solutions to promote equitable access to healthy and affordable food for all.
Housing: Supporting services to keep vulnerable New Yorkers of all abilities safe and stably housed, including homelessness prevention, supportive housing, housing counseling, and programs to help older adults age in place. This does not include the physical development of housing.
Economic Security/Mobility: Promoting equitable opportunities and paths to financial stability including financial literacy and coaching, inclusive jobs training and education, access to safe and affordable financial services, and emergency financial assistance.
Access to Benefits and Social Services: Providing culturally and linguistically appropriate support to assist individuals and families to access, navigate, and coordinate benefits and social service programs such as SNAP, WIC, health insurance, and childcare—promoting equitable access to benefits and overall health and well-being.