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Making Space for Black Excellence in Harlem

Addressing the Most Pressing Challenges for Harlem Youth and Beyond

For over 25 years, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis) has been at the forefront of change and unwavering support for Black and Latinx youth. From racial and economic advocacy to educational and environmental justice, the organization has dedicated its efforts to offer around-the-clock care and a range of programming to create spaces where marginalized youth can thrive and define their own stories.

A grantee of the Foundation, BroSis recently showed our team around its colorful, welcoming space and shared insights on how thoughtful youth development programs can help address the most pressing challenges for the youth in Harlem and beyond. 

Across healthcare, education and mental health service systems, a lack of diverse representation continues to be a barrier for Black and Brown youth, resulting in unmet needs and overlooked opportunities to foster their growth. The systemic barriers aren’t just noticeable, they are deeply felt, harsh realities that children and young adults encounter regularly. 

To combat the effects of systemic racism and empower youth, BroSis implemented a Theory of Change development model. The model, which has received national acclaim for its statistical outcomes, inspires youth to develop a deep understanding of their communities’ cultural and historical legacies and their sense of self-worth as a leader in that space. In every aspect of their approach to youth development and community organizing, the organization is committed to service and celebrating Black excellence.

BroSis is challenging systemic barriers with a range of programming, including:

The impact of the organization and the programming is clear:

For communities like Harlem, it’s vital to have organizations addressing the root causes of poverty, breaking down barriers to success and minimizing exposure to trauma and other mental health detriments. By nurturing all aspects of a person’s mind, body and spirit, BroSis aims to set youth up for success and belief in their abilities.

We’re honored to support BroSis in its efforts to address intersectional identities and create opportunities for a lifetime of success.

To learn more about the organization’s work and ways to get involved, please visit: