Grant Categories

Youth and Young Adults

Youth and young adults sometimes struggle with transitioning to adulthood. Individuals in this population may have difficulty managing relationships with friends and family members or functioning appropriately in education and employment settings. We support programs that accomplish the following types of initiatives:

Promoting parental support for vulnerable families, aligning child and parent’s needs.
Strengthening coordination and access to enhanced education, development, health, and family benefits and programs for vulnerable youth and families.
Provide early intervention help, such as mentoring and peer counseling for youth at risk, support job skills and education attainment, improving behavioral health, promoting recovery and rehabilitation, and creating opportunities for success.

BISON Scholarship Fund

In February 2021, the BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund announced a $3.5 million grant from our Foundation. This is the largest grant in BISON Fund history, allowing the Fund to expand its reach across Western New York and administer financial support through existing programs in Rochester and Syracuse.

The grant is being split among the three regions:

√ Western New York: $1,000,000 for K-12 scholarships; $500,000 for student’s technology needs

√ Rochester: $500,000 for K-12 scholarships; $500,000 for student’s technology needs, via Building a Brighter Future Scholarship

√ Syracuse: $500,000 for K-12 scholarships; $500,000 for student’s technology needs, via Scholarships for Scholars

“Mother Cabrini Health Foundation’s investment brings about a truly exciting opportunity for the BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund,” Amy E. Popadick, executive director, BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund. “It allows us to serve more students across upstate New York, and work with existing programs in Rochester and Syracuse to provide financial support for students in those regions. It will eliminate barriers and provide educational opportunities to many children who often face obstacles in their pursuit of learning.”

Popadick added, “This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to fund technology needs, which will address a critical issue that far too many students have experienced while learning virtually.”

Related Grants

Futures in Education

Scholarship program to provide assistance to students from low-income families in Brooklyn and Queens.

Ellis Hospital Foundation

Expanding access to mental health supports for at-risk children, adolescents, and their families in the Albany area.

West Islip Youth Enrichment Services

Supporting the YES I Can program, which provides intensive case management services to vulnerable youth and young adults.

Greater New York Hospital Association Foundation

Improving access to medication and treatment for patients grappling with opioid use disorder. During the summer of 2020, our Foundation also provided GNYHA Foundation an additional $2.5 million in emergency COVID-19 grants for hospitals and frontline workers.