Latest News | January 20, 2022

Announcing Our 2022 Grantees

Preserving Mother Cabrini’s legacy; Promoting health equity across New York

Announcing Our Year-End 2021 Grants for 2022 Programs

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve awarded more than 450 year-end 2021 grants totaling $140 million to support organizations and programs addressing the health-related needs of low-income residents and underserved communities across New York State.

482 year-end grants; 2021 funding and program totals

This is in addition to the $20 million in funding authorized for emergency COVID-19 programs earlier in 2021. In all, this $160 million in 2021 funding supports a total of 507 programs, each uniquely dedicated and equipped to improve health services in a time of unprecedented needs. In the three years since the inception of our Foundation, we’ve awarded grants totaling $470 million.

The $140 million in new grants will support programs in 2022, including $14 million to three-year strategic efforts focused on improved oral health access and outcomes, increasing availability and access to quality healthcare, and funding programs to provide young children with necessary health and education resources to succeed in underserved communities. 

Besides funding COVID-19 relief, the grants address a comprehensive range of urgent health needs and social determinants of health across our state. Programs seek to enhance access to mental health counseling, increase availability of nutritious food, improve access to healthcare and transportation, support older adults with access to technology, strengthen veteran services, and offer scholarship support as well as remote learning opportunities. Initiatives also promote housing, employment assistance, and translation services; advancements in telehealth technology; and extending legal and social services. 

Recipients include community-based organizations, food banks, healthcare providers, nursing homes, schools, federally qualified health centers, and trade associations that are addressing the needs of target populations: low-income individuals and families; older adults; youth and young adults; persons with special needs; immigrants and migrant workers; veterans; formerly incarcerated individuals; and young children, pregnant women, and new moms.

Another difficult year has passed, one that has tested our access to quality, affordable care and shed light on inequities in our systems. We remain invested in the health of New Yorkers who need it most. With our grantees, we’re privileged to meet another challenging moment and address the opportunities that lie ahead.

See a list of our year-end 2021 Mother Cabrini Health Foundation grantees.

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