Grantee Spotlights | July 13, 2021

CNYCF, SVHC & Dunbar Association Spotlight

Our Central New York Community Healthcare Conversation Event Grantees

Building Healthier Communities in Central New York in the COVID-19 Era

As New York sets its sights on long-term recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that the most vulnerable communities across our state continue to bear the brunt of the public health crisis. Pandemic-related health needs in Central New York remain extraordinarily high, as does the demand for an increase in services that address the social determinants of health that have made the crisis particularly difficult for under-resourced populations.

Our third Community Healthcare Conversation series, Building Healthier Communities in Central New York in the COVID-19 Era, falls on July 14, the eve of Mother Cabrini’s 171st birthday. There has never been a more crucial time to uphold the legacy of Mother Cabrini and shed light on the inequities that plague upstate New Yorkers while fostering a sense of community and need for service. 

That’s why we are hosting these conversations, and this week we will be joined by leaders of Foundation grantees Central New York Community Foundation, Seven Valleys Health Coalition, and Dunbar Association.

Central New York Community Foundation (CNYCF) is a critical resource for the historically underserved communities of Central New York. As the largest charitable foundation in Central New York, CNYCF encourages local philanthropy and strives to strengthen local nonprofits and address the most critical issues of our time — such as literacy, lead safety, leadership development, and rapid response to community needs — through its grant programs and strategic initiatives.

In support of its initiatives, the Foundation granted $300,000 to CNYCF to expand the LeadSafeCNY initiative, which reduces lead exposure through window and door replacement. CNYCF anticipates that nearly 240 individuals would benefit from this program to remove key sources of lead poisoning from low-income rental units in Syracuse, preventing lifelong negative health ramifications of early lead exposure.

Seven Valleys Health Coalition (SVHC) is an essential health resources provider for low-income families and individuals living in Cortland. Through programming like health education, assisting with transportation, increasing access to healthy foods, and a 211 information and referral line to connect community members to needed resources and support, SVHC empowers Cortland County’s most vulnerable populations to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Recognizing SVHC’s impactful work, the Foundation granted $175,000 to SVHC to help prevent and manage chronic disease and improve the overall social, emotional, and physical well-being of low-income, underserved individuals by addressing social determinants of health through three key components: food as medicine, health education and lifestyle change, and transportation. SVHC anticipates this grant will benefit 100 individuals. Learn more here.

Dunbar Association (Dunbar) is a vital community resource for low-income and elderly communities living in Syracuse. Focusing primarily on the south side of Syracuse, Dunbar provides resources and outreach for nearly 3,000 community members including older adults and youth through their year-round youth development programming, employment readiness program, and meal delivery service.

To aid in their efforts, the Foundation granted Dunbar Association $150,000 to support a new initiative to promote health and wellness programming and behavioral health services for youth and seniors, as well as a medical services site to provide flu vaccinations and COVID-19, pregnancy, and STDs testing. Dunbar anticipates that this grant will support 150 community members, many of whom are impoverished, largely uninsured, and face chronic health conditions.