grantee spotlight

Clear Path for Veterans and Albany Housing Coalition

Supporting Veterans on Their Path to Civilian Life

Our nation’s veterans are often faced with a challenging transition back to civilian life. In addition to mental health challenges that can arise after service, veterans also face unique barriers to securing stable housing and employment. As a result, nearly 230,000 veterans across the country are currently unemployed, and almost 40,000 are facing homelessness.

Organizations across New York are working hard to provide the necessary support for veterans and their families as they navigate a world post-service. This Veterans Day, the Foundation is spotlighting the work of both Clear Path for Veterans and Albany Housing Coalition, key advocates for veterans’ health and well-being.

Since 2010, Clear Path for Veterans has supported veterans, military members, and their families unconditionally, regardless or era and branch of service, disability status, or characterization of discharge. By prioritizing wellness and personal development, Clear Path takes a holistic approach to enriching lives and putting veterans on the path to success. Through their Warriors Working career placement program, providing camaraderie through their weekly canteen lunches, their Assistance Dogs International accredited service-dog program, and more, Clear Path understands that when veterans thrive, communities thrive. With a grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, Clear Path was able to expand their Peer and Family Support program which now serves 33 counties in New York. As their “front-line” program, Clear Path peer mentors reach veterans and their families wherever they are, in their homes, on the streets, or at their facilities, to deliver individualized support and address their most pressing needs.

Albany Housing Coalition (AHC) provides a safe haven for over 100 homeless veterans in the Albany area through programs including secure transitional or permanent housing, Section 8 vouchers or ongoing assistance in community housing. As part of its efforts to combat veteran homelessness, AHC also offers employment services, putting nearly 50 veterans in full time work each year. A $75,000 grant from the Foundation aids with staffing needs, professional development and training and related expenses to support the Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) program for those at risk of unemployment or homelessness.

Veterans Day serves as a reminder that the struggles veterans face persist even after their service ends, and we must provide them with the support they need. With compassionate and thoughtful services, Clear Path for Veterans and Albany Housing Coalition are actively addressing the unique daily challenges of New York veterans and their families.

To learn more about the services provided at Clear Path for Veterans, visit their website here.

To learn about the work of Albany Housing Coalition, visit their website here.