Events | July 22, 2021

Community Healthcare Conversation Highlights

Summer 2021 Events

Highlights from our Summer 2021 Community Healthcare Conversations

When we come together as a community, our pledge to meaningfully improve the lives of New Yorkers is made even stronger. With the launch of our Community Healthcare Conversations, we were joined by hundreds of individuals from various corners of our state in meaningful conversations on improving the health and well-being of New York communities.

Want to learn more about the conversations? Read summaries and watch the replays of our Western New York, New York City, and Central New-York-focused events below. We plan to continue our series in September; follow us on social media for further details.

Building Healthier Communities in Western NY in the COVID-19 Era

Western New York faces many challenges, but is blessed to have a strong network of committed health and social services providers. Mother Cabrini Health Foundation is happy to be a part of this effort and to help in whatever way we can.

— Rick Barnes, MCHF Community Relations Director

With a focus on Western New York, Community Relations Director Rick Barnes led our first conversation in late June on building healthier communities in the COVID-19 era. He was joined by special guest Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker, President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, and leaders from two Mother Cabrini Health Foundation grantees: Dr. Myron Glick, Founder and CEO of Jericho Road Community Health Center, and Allison DeHonney, CEO and Founder of Buffalo Go Green.

Watch the Western New York conversation:

Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Our panelists highlighted the correlation between all social determinants of health. More specifically, they drew a clear link between two issues: housing/living conditions and mental health. The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation is committed to fund programs that address the issues that were brought to the forefront during our conversation.

— Ana J. Almanzar, MCHF Community Relations Director

In July, Community Relations Director Ana J. Almanzar led a New-York-City-focused conversation on addressing social determinants of health in the midst of a global pandemic. She was joined by guest panelists Irfan Hasan, Deputy Vice President for Grants at The New York Community Trust; Christina Hanson, Executive Director at Part of the Solution; and Wayne Ho, President, and CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council.

Watch the New York City conversation:

Building Healthier Communities in Central New York in the COVID-19 Era

Each guest highlighted, from their own perspective, how an individual or family facing a challenge in one particular social determinant is very likely to be at risk in several other social determinants. For example, a child in an impoverished family, exposed to lead poisoning from inadequately-maintained housing, is then at risk of educational and behavioral health barriers that will perpetuate poverty. This is what makes the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation unique with its goal of addressing the full range of social determinants and trying to break the cycles of poor health and poverty in our New York communities

— Rick Barnes, MCHF Community Relations Director

At our second July event, Community Relations Director Rick Barnes turned the focus to Central New York in a conversation on improving the health of communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was joined by guest panelists Peter Dunn, President and CEO of the Central New York Community Foundation; Jackie Carlton Leaf, Executive Director of Seven Valleys Health Coalition; and Karla Green, Executive Director of the Dunbar Association.

Watch the Central New York Conversation: