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Immigrants and Migrant Workers

Immigrants and Migrant Workers in New York face all kinds of challenges related to cultural and language barriers as well as poor living conditions. We support programs that serve this population by accomplishing the following types of initiatives:

Building the capacity of health systems to manage diverse communities by developing cultural competency, such as supporting interpreters, community health workers, targeted health services such as mobile health or dental clinics and skills training for healthcare professionals.
Providing English language education, job training, health education and community integration.
Providing safe housing and working conditions in communities that have high numbers of seasonal employees by outreach, mobile health and dental services, and/or onsite seasonal clinics.
Providing trainings and workshops for farm employers on improving working conditions, providing or connecting to health services, and obtaining legal documentation for migrant workers.
Enhancing access to healthcare and to legal services that navigate healthcare, housing, and immigration status issues.

Jericho Road’s Vive Shelter

Dr. Anna’s Story

Jericho Road Community Health Center’s Vive Shelter is the largest asylee shelter in the United States. Since its founding in 1984, Vive has served over 100,000 asylum seekers from more than 100 countries. Historically, 65% of Vive clients are single mothers and their children.

Throughout its 35-year history, Vive’s primary mission has been to assist asylum seekers en route to Canada. Until recently, most residents typically remained at Vive for up to a few weeks, depending on wait times at the border. Since Jericho Road acquired Vive in 2015, the shelter has increasingly been providing long-term support for residents who wish to seek asylum in the United States.

“Vive was not built with the expectation of housing long-term residents,” explains Dr. Anna Ireland Mongo, chief program officer for Jericho Road. “As we are receiving more and more people who wish to claim U.S. asylum and stay in Buffalo, we are having to adjust our staffing patterns, our building usage, and our internal procedures. All of this puts a strain on our limited resources, and we are incredibly grateful that the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation is providing operational support to help us meet these new, emerging needs.”

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Jericho Road Community Health Center

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